Reno Business Interiors

Meeting the Needs of the Changing Office Environment

We are entering a new normal and are here to support the well-being of your employees while preserving the culture of your business. Transforming the floorplate in this post Covid-19 era can be challenging, and we are ready to help. You may be considering how you make workers feel comfortable returning to work. What are your protocols for cleaning? How will your entrance and lobby look different to create more space for your clients? Will your employees bring more items to work such as lunch and supplies? These are all factors we now take into consideration, and we must act on it today.

Employee Well Being

Employee Well-Being

Supporting people's physical and pshycological health to build confidence and enhance performance.


Elements of a space that encourage certain behaviors, enabling optimal human performance-cognitively, emotionally and physically.

Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture

Understanding and preserving your culture to empower your workforce and leverage your space in new ways.

Competing Values Framework

A culture model developed from the major indicators of effective organizations that defines four culture types.

Transforming the Floorplate

Transforming the Floorplate

Addressing facility requirements, density and exposure while mitigating risk.

Integrated Palette™

A family of adaptable product platforms developed from our insights on human, organizational and facility performance.